The Everyone Elses

The Everyone Elses

Cheers echo all the way around our small world after all
But I can’t see the game

I see shadows and show
Sponsored lights and Fosse feet
Where those who worked the hardest
are shields held up by monsters
Because it’s all about the game
Who would deny them
The lights
Those boys who worked their whole lives for this moment
in the light
But I see shadows
and ghosts
of the everyone elses
arrested, displaced, evicted, and silenced
I see them still
No lights bright enough to wash them out
No fires of nationalism hot enough to burn them up
No celebrity whose glittered endorsement can erase them
Because it’s all about the game

Except the winners won before they brought the ball
Every cheer
their victory song
Their pledge of allegiance
Imagine those cheers
In the ears
of the everyone elses
arrested displaced evicted and silenced
through their cells and alleyways
Because it’s all about the game.

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